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Quality over quantity. Let me guide you.
My experience has shown me that it is the things that you do consistently that shape your life, for either better or worse. Let me guide you so that you can perform consistently and bring about a lifestyle of health and success.
1:1 Personal Training

Limited to a select few in-person clients. I will help you get stronger, more mobile and achieve your goals

Online Program Packages

No matter what your goal, choose from several pre-made training programs, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Bespoke Online Coaching and Customised Programs

Need more of a personalised touch? Or want to build serious strength or size with no nonsense? I can help.

Meet Chris Dick

Hi, I'm Chris, a Brisbane based Personal Trainer who loves helping people to get stronger and improve their lives by changing the way they interact with food and lifestyle choices. I am on a mission to help over 1000 people to better their lives by making smarter and more informed nutritional and lifestyle choices. Implementing easy habit based adjustments combined with smart training choices I believe that anyone can achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

Areas of expertise

Strength Training, Plant-based Eating, Power lifting, Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, New to Fitness, Bodybuilding, Kettlebells

Online Programs

Tier 1 -  Quick Start Programs & Challenges

New to training or unsure where to start? Checkout my Quick Start Programs  & Online Challenge programs. Everything is laid out for you! May of these programs include fully featured meal plans! These programs take the guess work out of getting started or trying different training approaches.

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Tier 2 - Custom Strength & Hypertrophy Programs

You’ve been training for a while and would like to step it up a notch with serious, professionally designed training programs. Or you’ve hit a plateau and you can’t keep making strength or size gains. These pre-designed programs follow very strict and precise protocols to ensure strength or mass goals are achieved, whilst minimising muscle soreness & fatigue.

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Bespoke Services

Similar programming protocols as Tier 2 but these programs are completely bespoke and tailored  specifically for you and your goals. Bespoke Services also has available personalised nutrition, lifestyle & habit coaching.  Bespoke  Services require initial consultations and ongoing check-ins and program updates based on your feedback and progress.

Nutrition & Habit Coaching

Take control of eating & lifestyle habits to make permanent change and be the best you

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Personalised Training Programs

Following specific & specialised training protocols. Have a completely tailored training program designed for you.

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Chris has been my strength coach for the past few years and he has helped me achieve way more than I would have otherwise. With his guidance I have corrected a few technical issues, learnt new techniques and even changed the way I breathe when I lift. I have achieved PB’s on every lift training under Chris’ guidance. I highly recommend talking to Chris about your strength and fitness goals to see what he can do for you.

John - Online Bespoke Training Client

I have been training with Chris for a long time now, I really enjoy his programs (except the box squats lol). Having had a unlucky season with a number of injuries Chris has been fantastic at scaling my workouts so I can continue to train and rehab back to full strength. Recommend highly, great place to train

Bec - 1:1 PT Client

Myessa - Small Group PT Member

Chris is just the best. I feel so much stronger & more confident when working out. I’d highly recommend for anyone needing a change in their fitness with super knowledgeable support.

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Feel free to contact me. So that we can see how I can help you!

5/36 Windorah St, Stafford QLD 4053
0401 764 139
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