Do you work at a desk? These 7 stretches are for you!

May 3, 2022

The modern lifestyle brings with it many comforts and advantages. Like we don’t have to fight for survival and we’re normally pretty certain where our next meal is coming from… Modern life for most of us is pretty sweet. But what comes with the good (did someone say Netflix??!) must also come the bad. Our modern lifestyle has us seated for 6.5 hours per day on average. With the average including people from all occupations and lifestyles, I would suggest that the office workers' time in the chair is quite a bit higher…

And with many working arrangements becoming more flexible, that sitting time crosses over to whilst we’re in the home as well. 

And with all of this extended “bum in chair” time, comes the possibility of tight and stiffened bodies that over time, can lead to chronic pain in many areas of the body. 

Did someone say Back Pain?

Now combating this isn't as easy as saying, Hey sit less. You’ve still got work to do and emails to write! There are some things like sit-stand desks which help with this a lot! But what if you can’t get a sit-stand desk? And you’re starting to feel the stiffness and sore lower back creep in?

I’ve selected 7 different stretches and exercises that will help alleviate tight muscles and combat the stresses of extended sitting. These stretches target several main areas of the body to help you stay limber. I must also mention that breaking up sitting time with a quick walk is also very beneficial. 

In my walk-through video we’ll run through stretches for:

Neck & Shoulders

Upper & Mid Back

Lats (sides/midsection)




Forearms & wrist

You can watch my guided stretching video here

Some of these drills will have a secondary effect on some other areas of the body too :)

As for the application. You don’t have to do these all in one go. Unless you want to! But doing 1 or 2 stretches for a few minutes every 45 minutes to an hour or whenever you get a spare moment will create a massive difference.

Doing exercises like these and more not only will keep you more active and engaged at your desk, but you may also find that you’re more inclined to participate in other forms of exercise too. Not feeling all stiff & jammed up at the end of the day might find you going for extended walks before or after work or evening participating in a form of strength training!

We were made to move! But our modern lifestyle has supplanted a lot of the movement required to survive with appliances and easy to access amenities. So make sure that you start to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine in the office and at home.