12 Week BTS Strength Program 1B

Take your strength training to the next level with my customised 12-week BuiltStrong Strength program. This program is designed for overall body strength with some mass increase. Utilise the primary movements of the Barbell Back Squat, Bench Press & Barbell Row + Accessory movements to build a well-defined and strong body over this 12-week program.

An elite training methodology at a fraction of the cost. This 12 week program will take you through 3 training cycles that have been designed to increase strength whilst increasing mass. Improve your physique without grinding through isolation lifts and never ending DOMs with the added benefit of functional movement capacity.

  • This is no ordinary training program
  • Following strict & precise calculations from the StrongFirst BuiltStrong training protocol
  • Train hard whilst having fatigue management built in to the training protocol to reduce muscle soreness & DOMs
  • Train your body with movement patterns rather than isolation lifts to create a "strong" body, not just a "strong looking" body

This is not a beginners program. If you perform over 400 lifts (above 60% of 1RM) per major lift in a 4 week period please reach out to me for a revised program.

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**Please note, this product is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually 'return' a physical product. If you decide not to use the product after purchasing, the product is still yours to use and learn from.

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What's Included:

✔ Training Guide & Outline

✔ Lift Examples

✔ 12 Week Fully Featured BuiltStrong Hypertrophy Program (3 Mesocycles)

✔ 1RM Testing procedures and guidance

✔ Progress tracking sheet

✔ Basic diet guidance

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